We have over 35 years experience as chefs and recruiters at the highest level. Topchef is Owned By Chris and ran along side with Julie, Emily, Mike, Sophie ,Jim, Craig and Dave.

Chris has worked as a chef for over fifteen years, all the way up to Michelin level, and Jules has been a successful recruiter, running her own business’s for the last 20 years, all of the staff at Topchef have experience in Customer Service and hospitality. Together they form a very knowledgeable team of professionals.

In the Head Office in Ripley we have Chris, Julie ,Sophie and Emily running the overall Accounts, Sales and Admin. Generating new leads, and establishing new and existing client relationships along with Marketing and advertising through social media.

On the Candidate side we have Chris ,Mike and Jim, all extremely talented chefs who help us with recruitment of chefs, and liaising with the restaurants, hotels and pubs.

We care about your requirements, wether you are a chef or a restaurant owner. Wether its a 60 bedroom 5 star hotel with a 3 Michelin star restaurant, or a small cafe offering fried egg sarnies, we want to know everything you need from us so we can make sure your requirements are completely met.

We listen, we research, we deliver. We also believe in fairness. Fair wages for chefs, fair rates for clients.